"Harnessing the skills and expertise of the wider community in an effort to maximise our pupils' academic, economic and emotional well-being to the highest of standards."

The board has been acknowledged by Ofsted as doing a good job. Ofsted noted that trustees are frequent visitors to school and that they are highly supportive and knowledgeable about all aspects of the school's work, including the quality of teaching and how well pupils are making progress. They also commented that the trustees are particularly skilful at making sure the school's budget is used wisely.

If you need to contact one of our trustees, please use the contact form available here.

Howard Junior School and Apollo Academies Trust Trustees are:


Gregory Hill - CEO

Gregory Hill has been the headteacher of Howard Junior School for 10 years and is the CEO of the Apollo Academies Trust. He is a champion for digital learning, employing technology to inspire and improve.



Kevin Fawkes

Kevin Fawkes owns a local business and also a photographer. Kevin has worked with the school to help it develop.



Nick Kirwan

Nick has been a member of the local community for a number of years and works within the NHS.


Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison works in HR and is a digital producer.



James Holden

James is our school site manager and parent to a pupil attending Howard Junior School.


Helen Janku

Helen is manager of a local library and works closely with the community.




Ash Kirwan

Ash Kirwan is our Assistant Headteacher and has worked with the school for a number of years.

For more information regarding our Trustees, please click here to visit the Apollo Academies Trust Website