Norfolk children throw caution – and mortarboards – to the wind

Norfolk children throw caution – and mortarboards – to the windThese schoolchildren threw not only their mortarboards, but also caution, to the wind as they celebrated graduating from Norfolk’s Children’s University.

The practice of tossing the caps in the air may now be officially frowned upon for UEA graduates, but these children were not deterred by the dire health and safety warnings, and lobbed their hats skywards with gusto.

The children, aged from seven to 11, were about 280 in number, and from 12 schools across the county. They gathered at the UEA for their graduation ceremony yesterday.

The largest cohort was from Howard Junior School, in King’s Lynn.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “We had 125 children graduating, and we only have 205 children in the whole school. It’s a Norfolk record for the most children from one school graduating.”

The Children’s University scheme is aimed at encouraging children to develop a love of learning beyond the classroom. Children collect stamps for each hour of learning they complete either in after-school activities or at an affiliated Learning Destination.

Last month, we reported how UEA students had been asked not to throw their mortar boards in the air, for fear that they could be injured.

Instead, they were encouraged to mime the action, with the caps added later, through digital software.

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