King’s Lynn school goes Dutch

King’s Lynn school goes Dutch

A Lynn primary school has forged a connection with one of the top iPad schools in the world, with hopes of turning Norfolk into the top county for digital learning in schools.

A visit to Holland to visit the school was a dream come true for Howard Junior School’s headteacher, Gregory Hill, and a small group of like minded Norfolk headteachers.

Mr Hill was taking the group to meet Maurice de Hond who set up and runs Steve Jobs Schools in Holland, 100 per cent iPad schools with flexible learning approaches.

Mr Hill said: “There is some very special working going on out there that is truly amazing, but we also have some excellent work going on right here at Howard Junior which would give them a run for their money.”

Maurice has transformed under-achieving schools with using iPads as the main teaching tool and is a key consultant for the Dutch government.

The three-day trip was a dream come true for Mr Hill, who is also a UK pioneer with iPad technology in primary school aged education.

He said: “We’re preparing children for the future, maximising their skills and widening the job market for them. I want to make Norfolk the top county for digital learning, and I have already started by proactively bringing ideas back from Amsterdam.

“I was pleased with the learning opportunities the trip gave everyone and to see the next step for iPad use in Norfolk education. Also it was very reassuring to see that Howard School is of a similar standard with iPads and digital learning.”

He said: “There are so many schools in rural areas who don’t have the technology, and children aren’t learning the skills they need for future work.”

Mr Hill plans to further explore the concept and validity of opening a Steve Jobs school in the UK, with hopes for Norfolk to be at the forefront of digital learning both in the UK and globally.


Published in the Lynn News 25/11/2014