Pupils at a King’s Lynn school get iPads to show the way to future

From the EDP, 14/1/14

At King’s Lynn’s Howard Junior School almost every pupil now has an iPad and the pupils and staff believe tablet technology is the next step forward in education.

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Now the school is giving a rallying cry to other schools to join the technological revolution.

Headteacher Greg Hill said: “It is well known that Norfolk has been struggling a bit with Ofsted and we think that technology is the way forward.

“This is a school that has a high proportion of Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils and those getting free school meals yet our SATs results are above the national average.

“We want Norfolk to be a leader for technology in education. The pupils have told me that they think every child in Norfolk should have access to what they have. It really does help their learning.”

The school has invested around £30,000 in 120 iPad minis as well as the software to go along with them.

Mr Hill said: “They are self funded by the school. It is a case of clever budgeting as we want the school to have the best.”

Pupils are able bring up information about class topics by scanning codes on displays while teachers are able to set quizzes to test pupils’ knowledge and get instant feedback.

Pupils entering the school in Year 3 are provided with their own iPad to use throughout their career at the school giving them the chance to personalise the applications they use.

Assistant head Jason Harper said: “We are teaching them skills for life.

“We are teaching them for the jobs that they will do in the future.

“When I went to university I was taught how to use word processors and spreadsheets now they are learning this in primary school.

“You can see the benefit in the progress the pupils are making.

“They are enthusiastic about their work and they engage with it. They all take part and discuss things as a group.”

The school has a team of pupils who are Digital Leaders and can help their classmates with their technological issues.