School serves up treat for the Trust

[singlepic id=269 w=320 h=240 float=right]LYNN’S Purfleet Trust received a generous donation on Wednesday from the Howard Junior School in Gaywood.

The school prepared over 20 meals for staff and clients of the Trust with dishes including chicken and vegetable pie, vegetable bake, mashed potatoes, custard puddings much more.

The Trust supports local homeless people and people with a range of other problems including drug and alcohol issues.

Howard Junior got involved with the Trust after a recommendation from he Rev Dale Gingrich during the Harvest Festival at St Faith’s Church in Gaywood.

Claire Hopwood of the Purfleet Trust said: “We couldn’t believe how much the school donated, they have showed fantastic generosity.”

The deputy head, Andy Prior, said: “We are going to make this an annual thing and a lot of credit has to go to our chef Karen Newell.”