"Harnessing the skills and expertise of the wider community in an effort to maximise our pupils' academic, economic and emotional well-being to the highest of standards."

The board has been acknowledged by Ofsted as doing a good job. Ofsted noted that trustees are frequent visitors to school and that they are highly supportive and knowledgeable about all aspects of the school's work, including the quality of teaching and how well pupils are making progress. They also commented that the trustees are particularly skilful at making sure the school's budget is used wisely.

If you need to contact one of our trustees, please use the contact form available here.

Howard Junior School and Apollo Academies Trust Trustees are:


Gregory Hill - CEO

Gregory Hill has been the headteacher of Howard Junior School for 10 years and is the CEO of the Apollo Academies Trust. He is a champion for digital learning, employing technology to inspire and improve.

Responsible for: Strategic direction, financial planning and regulatory requirements.

No business and pecuniary interests.



Joan Barber

Joan Barber is the Chair of the board.

Responsible for: Strategic Overview, financial management, safeguarding, pupil premium, school cluster and Chair of Board.

No business and pecuniary interests.


Tony Hatton-Gore

Tony Hatton-Gore is our Vice Chair and is a reward and HR practitioner. His achievements are in making organisations work better by aligning reward, human resources, performance management, international mobility and systems strategies with overall business strategy.

Responsible for: Human Resources, financial management, performance management, pupil premium and digital trustee.

Tony is the director of RewardHR.


Rod Lee

Rod Lee is an HR specialist and a leading figure in the business community of King's Lynn.

Responsible for: Human Resources, financial management, performance management, building and asset integrity, SEND, safer recruitment.

Rod is a co-director of Human Capital Department.


Robert Isherwood

Robert Isherwood is a parent Trustee and works for the NHS ambulance service.

Responsible for: Health and safety, pupil welfare, equal opportunities, Looked After Children (LAC), safer recruitment.

No business and pecuniary interests.


David Fysh

David Fysh is a parent Trustee. He has a passion for Special Educational Needs and strongly drives school improvement.

Responsible for: Community liaison, SEND, safeguarding, Looked After Children (LAC)

No business and pecuniary interests.

Name of trustee Date of appointment Term of office Date stepped down Appointed by Interests (Updated 24/4/18)
Gregory Lawrence Hill 27 October 2014 4 years Governor on incorporation Employee
Joan Barber 1 December 2014 4 years Members (Article 50)
Anthony John Hatton-Gore 21 March 2017 4 years Members (Article 50) Director of RewardHR
Rodney Michael Lee 7 December 2015 4 years Members (Article 50) Co-director of Human Capital Department
David Fysh 5 February 2015 4 years Parents (Article 53)
Robert Isherwood 20 October 2017 4 years Members (Article 50)

For details of Trustee meeting attendance, please click here.

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