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Here at Howard Junior School, we support the afPE’s Physical Education Declaration.

afPE Management Board Statement:

The National Association for Physical Education (afPE) has published a positive, realistic ambition, under the acronym of H.E.L.P.  afPE is clear in its role of supporting the transformation of the lives of all young people through physical education and school sport. Happy, healthy and physically active pupils build self-esteem and confidence to give them the best start in life. Children will recognise that anything is possible through engaging in a high quality PE experience.  Through the afPE Quality Mark award and the validation process, afPE shows successful schools put PE and school sport at the heart of school life.  The impact of outstanding PE provision makes a huge difference and through our clear and determined declaration, afPE asks everyone for a commitment to an entitlement for all young people through H.E.L.P.

afPE Declaration – click here.