Pupils build mega city out of £25,000 worth of Lego!

Pupils at Howard Junior School, on Parkway, built a giant city in the school hall before they broke up for half term. The project was dreamed up by head Gregory Hill, who challenged his charges to see what they could achieve by working together.

Pupils build mega city out of £25,000 worth of Lego!

“More than 200 children took part in the day,” he said. “They started with just bricks in a box and they produced this mega city with a train, an airport and a harbour. “It was just incredible. It’s the largest Lego city ever built in this area.”

Staff made a stop-go video throughout the day, to show pupils’ teamwork.

Lee McCowen, Digital Support Officer for the Apollo Academies Trust, which Howard School is part of, said: “It gives all students a chance to demonstrate skills they have that may not always be evident in the classroom.”

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