Our Digital Approach


"If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow."
- John Dewey

Thanks to the vision of our Headteacher, Mr Hill and the expertise of our Digital Support Officer, Mr McCowen, Howard Junior School students enjoy a 1:1 iPad ratio; with curated content delivered to them automatically via our campus wide Wi-Fi coverage.

Since the introduction of our iPad for Life scheme, we have seen SATs scores rise year by year, and we are one of Norfolk's top performing schools.

We believe that the iPads are preparing children for the future, for jobs that may not even be invented yet. Technology is a part of life, and we believe children get the best start by owning their own iPad, and using it on their journey to becoming a digital citizen.

To find out more about our iPad scheme, please click here.

Our Digital Approach

Based on the principles of American Philosopher John Dewey, the Inspire Suite enables pupils to access technologies which are commonplace in the world today. Introduced by head teacher, Mr Hill, the Inspire Suite is part of Howard's successful iPad4Life scheme, which gives children to the opportunity to have a personalised iPad throughout their 4 year journey with us. The iPads are powerful and inspirational learning tools, which provide accelerated learning opportunities across the curriculum.

Equipped with the latest interactive whiteboard technology, the Inspire Suite also includes a high definition video wall in the corridor outside. The video wall enables children to view high definition videos and images, as well as opportunities to interact with the wall through Apple TV. During each term, topic specific videos are displayed on the video wall to inspire, inform and excite our students and reinforce their love of learning.

To find out more about the Inspire Suite, please click here.


Continuing Howard Junior School’s approach to large scale, immersive learning; the Spark Lab was designed to be an exciting, dynamic and interactive environment that allows students the freedom to explore concepts and technologies not usually made available to them.

As an immersive, codeable and controllable environment, the Spark Lab aims to inspire the learners of today to become the visionaries of tomorrow by introducing them to concepts such as coding, robotics, 3D printing and manufacture.

To find out more about the Spark Lab, please click here.

Our Digital Approach
Our Digital Approach
Our Digital Approach
Our Digital Approach
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