Sending our support to Australia
Teaching staff, from left, Hannah Gidman, Rob Parsons and Jack Curl with Howard pupils. Picture: Ian Burt

He said: “We know there is a climate emergency with Australia and what has upset the children is the billion animals which have died. 

“We want to do something about it, so we are hoping to fill the giant koala picture with coins to raise £1,000.”

This week, the school welcomed class teacher Hannah Gidman who comes from Perth, Western Australia.

“Miss Gidman has seen what we are doing and has been telling people in Australia we are trying to help. 

“We have had a special assembly about the crisis and have planned multiple events to raise money. 

“It’s a climate emergency and the children want to help,” he said.

Mr Hill also urged other schools to follow suit and get involved in raising funds and awareness about helping Australia and the environment.

Sending our support to Australia
Picture: Pixabay

“If every school did the same, and we all worked together, we could make millions of pounds. We want to spread an environmental message and will be doing so through social media,” he added.

If you can help Mrs Steel’s appeal you can get in touch with her via email at or see her Facebook page Love from over the Pond.