Pupils sprint towards rewards for Parkrun

Pupils from Howard Junior School show their rewards for taking part in Park Run. Photo: Howard Junior School

A primary school in West Norfolk is rewarding its pupils every time they take part in the 2k junior Parkrun.

Pupils sprint towards rewards for Parkrun

Pupils and Mrs Pace with their certificates. Photo: Howard Junior School

Howard Junior School in King’s Lynn rewards its pupils for a number of different academic and extracurricular activities and this latest scheme is no exception.

The children receive certificates, public recognition via twitter and have been given a fitness tracker so they can count their steps.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “Howard Junior School is about pushing yourself to achieve, to succeed, to never give up. I shared my experience in one of my weekly motivational assemblies, in hope that the pupils would be inspired to challenge themselves and try something new.”

Children jumped at the chance to give Parkrun a go, and as the weeks went on more and more children signed up.

Year 4 pupil Max Meads said: “I wanted to take part because I thought it looked really fun. I like how it feels to know that I am improving by pushing myself to faster.”

Nine-year-old Lily Edwards-Ballantyne said: “I first found out about Parkrun when Mr Hill brought Max up in assembly to share what he’d done at the weekend. I thought it sounded like a great way to spend a Sunday morning so I got involved.

“The school really encourages us to keep fit and healthy, Mr Hill gives us certificates every time we take part and everyone in the school got given a fitness tracker so we can count our daily steps and even challenge the teachers.”

Tia McCauley, aged nine and in Year 4, has been going to Parkrun for seven weeks and joined because her best friend, Lily was taking part.

She said: “I love taking part because it gives me a chance to see my friends on a Sunday and I always feel proud of myself when I finish it because before I started running I would have still been asleep at that time.”

It is not just the pupils who were inspired by Mr Hill’s assembly, as teachers Jean Paice and Lee McCowen donned their trainers and joined the adult 5k Parkrun.

Mrs Paice said: “I only know about Parkrun because of the weekly assemblies where Mr Hill celebrates the achievements of our pupils, I wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise.”

Source: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/education/howard-junior-school-parkrun-1-5852700