Did you spot Johnny Depp in King’s Lynn yesterday?

Did you spot Johnny Depp in King’s Lynn yesterday?

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was in King’s Lynn yesterday – or at least his look-alike, Darren Potter, AKA Captain Jack Sparrow, was.


The dead ringer for the movie star, who has appeared on TV’s Britain’s Got Talent, opened a children’s pirate play area at Howard Junior School in King’s Lynn.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “We have built the largest pirate ship in the region, which the whole class can fit into. Can you imagine the surprise for the children meeting Johnny Depp on a pirate ship? The whole school was dressed up as pirates and the children have been researching pirates in lessons.”

Pupil Alyssa Swinger, eight, said: “It’s been awesome. We got to ask him some questions. He was very funny.

“I asked him how many adventures he’d been on, and he said 147. I was going to ask him another question – why he looked so young if he’s been on so many adventures – but I didn’t have time.”