Gaywood school is Apple training centre now

On Monday, Howard Junior School in Gaywood launched its official Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) with an all-day event.

The go-ahead school that has so enthusiastically embraced technology is the first official RTC in Norfolk.

Lessons in the classroom at the school are now often being conducted using iPads.

The event took place at the school, with delegates representing 41 schools from across Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

Howard Junior School were joined by Leonie Gillman (regional Apple director) and David Kilding (Apple business development manager) plus a host of speakers including Dr Steve Bunce (XMA) and Michael Chamberlain (XMA).

Presentations by Jason Harper outlined Howard’s digital vision, as well as the journey they have taken to 1:1 iPads.

Year 3 teacher David Martin, alongside Dr Bunce, led hands-on workshops involving a range of different apps.

Following that, the delegates were also invited to tour the school and hear the views of digital leaders across the key stage.

The launch event signals the beginning of ongoing training sessions at the school, providing teachers with tools they need to embrace the digital future.

These sessions will take place within the academic year, across all aspects of teaching and learning.

If you are interested and want to know more about the courses that the school offers, please visit the school website and follow @HowardRtc on Twitter for up to date information.


Published in the Lynn News, 10/7/15.