Balloon release marks digital future for school

Balloon release marks digital future for school

Pupils at a West Norfolk school have taken their iPads outside with the launch of a new eco-pod classroom. 

Howard Junior School celebrated the unveiling of its outdoor digital classroom on Tuesday with the release of 200 balloons.

The balloons had been tagged with the names of the Gaywood school pupils to see which will travel the furthest distance.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said the eco-pod had been equipped with everything the pupils need to use the latest technology in an outdoor environment.

This week, the school also forged a link with staff from technology giants, Apple, who visited the school.

Howard launched its official Apple Regional Training Centre status on Monday when it was joined by delegates from 41 schools across the county and Lincolnshire.

Leonie Gillman, regional Apple director, and David Kilding, Apple business development manager, visited the school and Steve Bunce, an Apple education trainer, led a hands-on workshop, which involved using a range of different apps.

The visitors were given a tour of the school and heard about its digital vision.

Mr Hill said: “It has been two days of exemplary digital work.”

He added: “iPad learning is the future. If you combine high quality teaching with every pupil using their own iPad in class, you get amazing accelerated learning.”

Mr Hill explained the event had signalled the start of ongoing training sessions at the school which would embrace the digital future.


Published in Your Local Paper, 10/7/15.