Hunstanton Tang Soo Do student Daniel dedicates medals to Dad

The following weekend eight students entered the UK championships in Cardiff and although there were 1,083 contestants, they came back with seven medals.

Results: Daniel McNiece 1st in sparring and 3rd in forms; Oliver Gathercole 1st in forms, 2nd in Weapons; Paige Rudd 2nd in Weapons; Rory Sewell 3rd in Sparring; Shannon Forshaw 2nd in sparring.

Howard Junior School pupil (Lynn) McNiece in particular was very pleased to gain these medals and dedicated them to the memory of his dad Alan McNiece who passed away recently.

Daniel is determined to continue the pathway his father set for him in becoming a grandmaster in mixed martial arts.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “Daniel is a very brave boy showing great spirit and determination to be successful, despite recently having the sad news of his father passing away.”


Published in the Lynn News, 8/5/15.