Penguin expert visits King’s Lynn school

Penguin expert visits King’s Lynn school

Howard Junior School was visited this week by WWF’s Rod Downie, a world expert in penguins.

The school felt privileged to hear about the environmental worker’s experiences. He has been to Antarctica 14 times and gave a presentation to the whole school about penguins.

He has worked closely observing the animal for many years having previously worked for British Antarctic Survey before joining the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Mr Downie visited the school to hear all about the excellent penguin-related work the children have already done.

At the beginning of the year Howard Junior won a National John Lewis Monty the Penguin competition as part of the company’s primary education programme. The pupils have also enjoyed creating their own penguin-inspired video which, Mr Downie told the excited children, was even watched at WWF HQ.

It doesn’t stop there for Mr Downie. Next week, he is continuing his impressive environmental work when he travels to the North Pole. The school wish him all the best with his future jobs.


Published in the Lynn News, 17/4/15.