King’s Lynn’s Chloe writes her own happy ending

Chloe-Anne Stacey, a pupil at Howard Junior School in Gaywood, always had a book by author Shannon Hale with her.

She even took it to lunch and was reading it when headteacher Gregory Hill sat down to eat and asked why she always had it with her. Chloe replied that it had inspired her to a love of reading … and this started a chain of events. Chloe convinced the school that the books were so good they must be in the school library.

The school took her advice purchasing the Ever After Highs series. Not only that but Chloe took to the microphone to read extracts in assembly (pictured above) and she was presented her with the whole set of books. She had not read the last one and at 50p per week pocket money she would have had to save up for months! Also, she was presented with a special certificate for inspiring other pupils. The school contacted Miss Hale via Twitter and told her the story and she contacted Howard from the USA to say: “Wow! Please tell her thanks from me!”

Published in the Lynn News, 27/03/15.