A Norfolk junior school is the first in the country to teach 3D lessons.

The school teaching lessons in 3D

Teachers are providing visual learning for pupils at Howard Junior School, in King’s Lynn, which has also a video wall to display their work. The 3D lessons will provide visual learning for year 3 to 6 students, while the video wall will display the children’s work.

The school also has over 160 Ipads, with more to be brought in the future.

The Ipads which were brought in last year, are said to have already benefitted the children, with improvement in SATS results from 2013 to 2014.

Max Norris, 10, said: “The Ipads have made a good impact on my writing. Last year, I was at a level 3C and now in year 5, I am at a level 5C.”

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “We are committed to giving children the best opportunities in their future and seeing how much technology has changed, you have to adapt teaching to meet today’s needs.

“The technology is all in our Inspire Suite which is what it is all about, to inspire the children and the Ipads in particular are designed specifically for each child’s needs.

“They all have different apps, so if one child is struggling with writing, we will focus on that.”

“Hopefully this will be a positive influence on Norfolk, and a challenge for everyone to look to the future in terms of technology.”

The idea of the Inspire Suite technology was presented to governors earlier this year, and they granted £30,000 funding for the project.

Year 3 teacher Dave Martin said: “We’ve found that children benefit most from visual learning, and the 3D facilities will help boost their interest and interaction within the work.

“For example we are going on a trip to a castle soon, so in the class we will have 3D visuals when teaching them about castles.

“I am extremely excited to be able to use the new facilities.”

From the EDP, 16/09/2014