From the EDP, 26/2/14

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A King’s Lynn school has won a national prize from department store John Lewis in a competition based on the store’s “Bear and Hare” Christmas ad campaign.

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Pupils from victorious Howard Junior School were presented with an original illustration from the advert in the company’s Norwich store.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said he had been approached by his pupils to take up the competition and was ecstatic when he heard his school had won.

He said: “For a school in Norfolk to be headlining nationally with exemplary standards of work is absolutely fantastic. We are elated and the children are too. We are a school bucking the trend in the way schools in the area are perceived and I think this prize shows it.”

Pupils from years five and six attended the prize-giving, with winners, Ellie-Mae Kirby, Cain Massingham and Harry O’Neill, all aged nine, taking centre stage at the presentation.

The store’s community liaison co-ordinator, Alison Rowland, said: “It is just fabulous the children’s work has been recognised.”

Stuart Whitaker, operations manager for the store, presented the artwork which was designed by Aaron Blaise, whose previous works included The Lion King and Brother Bear. He said: “We are incredibly proud that a national thing like this has gone to a local school, it is brilliant. To hear from the children that they worked on this at home as well as in school shows why their effort and creativity has been rewarded.”