Spellbinding lessons

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From the Lynn News, 12/2/14

Last Wednesday, Howard Junior School in Lynn turned into Hogwarts, home of teenage wizard and JK Rowling creation, Harry Potter .

Firstly, the school had the animals from the Harry Potter movie visit – a snake, rat, skunk, owls and much more. This was in partnership with a company called Animal Investigations.

On top of this the pupils dressed up as characters from Harry Potter. Pupils were encouraged to bring wands to schools. Lessons included meeting the animals, casting spells, learning to fly the live owls, making Harry Potter movies themselves with the iPads, learning Quidditch and much more. The day was the brainchild of literacy leader Sophie Hopkins to inspire children with a love of reading and writing. All the teachers dressed up too.

The photo shows Year 3 Harry Potter fans, with teacher Georgia Newell on the left and teaching assistant Tina Wright on the right.