Drums of Zimbabwe fantastic

Drums of Zimbabwe fantasticSTUDENTS of Howard Junior School in Lynn were treated to the sounds of Africa when a drumming and storytelling group visited last Friday.

Grassroots, from Zimbabwe, flew in from Africa to share stories of their culture with schoolchildren all around the country.

Howard Junior were lucky enough to get the group to coincide with their annual celebration of Black History Month.

The group shared stories, music and dance with the whole school and even involved the teachers with some of their more traditional dance routines.

Headteacher Gregory Hill organised the event and said: “It is a great opportunity for our kids to learn about a different culture, Grassroots are one of the best groups of their kind and very much in demand so it was fantastic to get them to Howard Junior.

“Their music and dress is spectacular and all of the children were inspired.”

Mr Hill also admitted: “I tried my best with the dancing but I think my attempt was more for entertainment value.”

It was not only the children that enjoyed themselves as the six members of the Grassroots team joined in the fun, playing football with the pupils at lunchtime.

Mr Hill added: “We have been firmly committed to cultural enrichment for many years and this commitment will continue.”

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