Childrens author visits Howard Junior SchoolINTERNATIONALLY-renowned children’s author Morris Gleitzman officially opened two brand new libraries at Lynn’s Howard Junior School.

After consulting with the school council, children informed Mr Hill they would like new, exciting libraries with a range of cutting edge children’s literature.

From this the children made models and two bespoke libraries were then made for them – one like a castle and one which is futuristic, with mood lights.

Mr Gleitzman who has written more than 30 children’s books aimed at young readers visited the school and cut the ribbons to open the libraries which are bursting full of the most comprehensive and exciting children’s literature that can be found.

The school worked carefully with Norfolk Chilldren’s book service to only select the very best titles that will accelerate reading and learning, but also spark interest in reading at Howard Junior School.

The whole theme of the library and the stock of books is “inspiring the children”.

Mr Gleitzman was in the UK for a holiday and was invited to Howard after he found out about its unusual libraries.

Morris is one of Australia’s most successful writers and has gained recognition for sparking an interest in politically controversial children’s books. His most successful trilogy of books are the Toad Series.

Morris has frequently been on children’s best-seller lists for the last decade.

He said: “I have been to 1,000 schools and I don’t think I have ever seen a school that provides such visual stimulation. It takes readers into somewhere exciting”.

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