Its wall our own work

Its wall our own work

THERE’S a new wall-to-wall welcome at Howard Junior School, Gaywood, where pupils have been brushing up on their artistic skills.

They have been busy assisting community artist Nicola Marray-Woods on a complete overhaul of what is possibly the largest mural in Lynn.

The 80 square metre painting which overlooks the football area was originally commissioned ten years ago by Gail Robins, headteacher at the time.

Some of the paintwork was refreshed five years ago but it was generally faded and rather weather-worn so current headteacher, Gregory Hill, contacted Nicola and commissioned a new work, including the school’s new logo.

“What’s great about this mural is that three generations of pupils have made their mark on the wall and it has evolved each time,” said Nicola.

Nicola is also working on a community project for the Woodland Trust in Plantation Wood, with a range of opportunities for schools, community groups, families and individuals to get involved in caring for, improving and enjoying what Nicola describes as a “small but promising environment”.

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